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KamberFab Manufacturing Ltd.

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Since 2005, KamberFab has evolved from a small-scale shop building 400bbl and smaller tanks, and agricultural steel bin floors, to a full-scale shop that can service large custom projects. Our scope of work has increased significantly to include shop-built API tanks up to 3500bbls, large scale CWB structural capability, custom agricultural equipment, large one-off custom projects, and metal cutting and forming. Since 2012, our facilities can accommodate any size of product that can go down the road.

KamberFab’s success can be attributed to the ability to provide quality custom products on a short-term delivery. This is achieved by an innovative team of highly-skilled core employees who develop efficient processes in every facet of the business which results in repeat customers—customers who have encouraged KamberFab to expand. Our priority has always been to build on our reputation for superior products and service with an uncompromising stand on quality. We do this through the continual development of a safe, automated, and simplified production process. These values lend a competitive edge by providing a quality product at a competitive price in a timely manner.